Unicorn Programs

We have developed five programs that provide start-ups and early stage companies with the resources to grow and thrive. Through our programs, we will empower 10,000 entrepreneurs over 10 years for exponential growth across the four regions of Africa


Max. Program Duration: 6 months

Participants will be of any age and have an idea or concept that they believe can develop into a scalable and transformative business with significant impact.

  • Idea formation by actively engaging in research
  • Receiving expert advice & insight from subject matter experts
  • Identify the resources required to turn their concept into a viable product
  • Access to infrastructure such as 24 hour power, internet connectivity and other resources
  • Mentorship through in-house advisers
  • Weekly technical clinics & workshops

Successful participants will have:

  • Confirmed market feasibility
  • Identified the need being addressed
  • Assessed customer preference and behaviour
  • Outlined their value proposition
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Max. Program Duration: 12 months

Participants will have progressed from the earlier stage or have developed a viable product.

  • Opportunity definition
  • Launching an initial product
  • Engage in active customer engagement for feedback on their product
  • Rapid prototyping of their initial product by developing new features based on feedback from mentors, experts & customers
  • Founder’s training classes
  • Mentorship through a dedicated resident operating partner
  • Training through workshops & clinics
  • Broad business advice from our partners
  • Funding commitment

Successful participants will have:

  • Achieved a commercial pilot of their product
  • Demonstrated tangible market acceptance
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Max. Program Duration: 24 months

Participants will have progressed from the earlier stage or have an existing commercial product with market acceptance.

  • Product iteration
  • Company incorporation
  • Building systems & processes to improve operational efficiency
  • Business development by leveraging Unicorn’s network
  • Customer service
  • Go-live support by offering incorporation services
  • Specialist business advice including legal, regulatory, technical and accounting
  • Development of systems and processes
  • Funding commitment

Successful participants will have:

  • Converted market opportunity to sales
  • Traction
  • Positive cash flow
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Participants will have progressed from the earlier stage or have built a business with a strong product that is cash flow positive.

  • Continued momentum development by ensuring sustained customer growth & strong customer retention
  • Talent recruitment to achieve strategic goals
  • Business optimisation to further improve operational efficiency
  • Marketing to build brand awareness
  • Network access to help build competitive advantage
  • Consolidation of positive & sustained growth
  • Specialist business advice
  • Funding commitment

Successful participants will have:

  • Institutionalised their business
  • Shown profitability
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Participants will have progressed from the earlier stage or have a business that is profitable and growing.

  • Focus on corporate governance by adopting global best-practice
  • Process & system strengthening
  • National & cross-border expansion to scale operations
  • Fundraising & investor relations support to prepare entrepreneurs and companies for engaging with investors
  • Bespoke business advice from partners
  • Funding commitment

Successful participants will have:

  • Clearly demonstrated continued and sustainable growth
  • Developed a clear path to be a leader in its segment
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